Again after another year!

GEEZ! It seems like every year I seem to remember that I have a blog! LOL ! I cannot believe it take me this long to write on here! Well it has been a year or so and I am now 25!! AHH! How has time come and gone! But I can honestly say that I am feeling better than I have been in the past years! I do admit that their has been days when I do not feel so well but overall it has been more good days than bad days!

As I continue through my battle with anxiety and depression I know that the devil is fighting so hard to see me defeated because God has great thing in store for me! I know that God is trying to teach me so many things and one of them is to depend on him always! I must admit that I am/was one of those people that when things are tough I always pray but when life is not so tough I tend to forget to give thanks!

Recently I am going through a financial struggle where I might get my main source of income taken away permanently and I cannot help but wonder what God is trying to teach me. And I talk to God and ask (complain) why this is happening to me and with my conviction I hear him telling me You depend more on this money than me! You trust this source of income more than me! And actually a couple of days before I had heard the bad news I remember being in my brothers room and thinking in my head I don’t need anything I have this great source of income! And well aren’t we so silly!

As I am going through this struggle I know that the life I was living was not ok! Financially I was just buying stuff to fill my hole (insecurities) just to have that feel good moment. And well I can definitely say that my husband was not happy with my spending habits. Why is it that when we go through a struggle we can see things we were doing in the past so clearly such a mistake? But I am honestly praying that God give me wisdom to make the right choices and to give me maturity! But I ask of you to help me pray and God’s will be done!

Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Until Next Time!



P.S. I will be on here more instead of spending time and money on eBay!