Forgot about this!

Well hello again! Haven’t been here in a while. I am now 24. How time flies. Recently, this blog has come back to my mind as I am now at a cross road in my life. As I have finished my spring semester at a community college passing only one class! (Horrible I know!) I have been thinking about what my step will be along with that I have been questioning myself in what I am passionate about.

As I meditate about what I want to do I know that right now working is not an option for me considering that my anxiety does not let me work. And thank God that my husband has a job.

I also come to think about my spiritual life, as I am consumed by this world (school and house life). Grandma had the tv on and I could hear a preaching from Enlace (a Christian tv programming in Spanish) as I was in the kitchen i could feel it calling me in. Where has my spiritual life gone? Who am I believing? Where has my faith gone? As I was thinking this I could hear the preacher saying the devil will tell you lies and remind you of your past but you have to remember that God has set you free.

Oh, this stronghold! I seem to forget at times what God has done for me. I know he has set me free and that I should let go. But what happens when this is all you know (feeling the fear). But, I need to remember and enjoy each day that God has given me. Let me be a blessing to other people and also and most importnantly to do what I was set to do here in  earth because God has given us purpose and we are here to serve.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34 NIV

Till next time!





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